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Conversational Hypnosis: Establishing Rapport with Mirroring

Conversational hypnosis is used to persuade and control those around you so that you can get what you want. Not only is conversational hypnosis used so that you get what you want, but it is also used so that other people do not take advantage of you. Conversational hypnosis gives you power and that leads to getting what you want.

As I have said in earlier articles, the most important aspect of conversational hypnosis is learning the art of developing rapport with another person. Rapport is the ability to be “in tune” with someone subconsciously. Rapport will enable others to have trust in you. Rapport will allow you to gain their respect so that you can get what you want.

The concept I would now like to share with you is called mirroring. I would like for you to go ahead and stand in front of a mirror. Raise your right hand. Notice that when you raise your right hand, your image in the mirror appears to raising their left hand. Notice that the same thing happens when you scratch your head.

Mirroring is non-verbal and allows you “mirror” another person to develop rapport with them. Imagine sitting down with someone you would like to develop rapport with. Perhaps you notice that they have one leg crossed on their knee. You can mirror their posture or crossed leg. This gives the other person the impression that you are similar to them. However, this impression is subconscious.

When mirroring someone it is important to do so in a manner in which you will not get caught. If the other person scratches their head and you scratch your head to quickly, you might get caught. Neither of you want that to happen!

This is why mirroring is important to practice. Go ahead and take a week to practice with friends or at a party so you give yourself a chance to get good at it. Believe me, it does require some practice. Mirroring someone too quickly will get you caught and mirroring someone too late will not help you establish rapport.

Another way to mirror someone is to mirror their breathing. Notice the rhythm of their breathing by their rising chest and breathe in and out when they breathe in and out. This method will help you establish rapport with the other person. Now, if it is unnatural to you to mirror someone else’s breathing, then do not attempt it. You do not want to get caught!

A way in which you can mirror someone’s breathing without changing your breathing pattern is using a technique called cross-over mirroring. Cross-over mirroring is when you imitate someone’s rhythm, but in a different way. If you wanted to mirror someone’s breathing using cross-over mirroring you could tap your finger or pen using the same rhythm as their breathing.

In order to establish rapport through mirroring, you must practice! Give yourself around one week to try these techniques out on friends or strangers. Be patient and practice and you too can master these skills to develop rapport.

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